• K. George Kordalis

More Data (Information) is a good thing for the Common Pleas Court.

One thing that has always bothered me in private practice has been discrepancies in sentencing in criminal cases, especially in State Courts. I practice in both State and Federal Courts. The difference in the State system as compared to the Federal system is night and day. In Federal Court, judges have access to much more data regarding prior sentences. This data leads to much more consistent sentencing. This is lacking in State Courts.

An initiative that I would pursue if elected would be to create a centralized database that tracks every criminal sentence issued in Montgomery County Court of Common Pleas. This database would be available to prosecutors, defense counsel, and judges. I believe that this database would be invaluable to all parties. Montgomery County has eleven (11) common pleas judges. This database will provide direction to prosecutors, defense counsel, and judges so that sentences are consistent and proportional to prior cases. This database will allow for meaningful comparisons and analysis of prior sentences.

I believe that this small measure could have a profound impact on the Montgomery County Court of Common Pleas.

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